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Specializing in Internal Medicine since 2001, Dr. Jason Pecarsky and his staff provide thorough, personalized care for adults in a comfortable and convenient office environment. At Advocare Primary Care for Adults, we know that even the smallest details can make a difference in your well-being. Dr. Pecarsky's commitment to custom care starts with taking the time to understand each patient's needs. He and his staff are proud to be your partners in caring for your health.

Health News

Clearing the air about climate change
Climate change is a public health issue, and physicians should be aware of the potential medical consequences and be able to communicate those to patients.

Fibromyalgia characterized by controversy
There is very clear, objective evidence that fibromyalgia is a real problem. But there remains considerable dissent among the medical community about the condition's cause.

Digging into the causes and fixes of resistant hypertension
An enduring challenge is figuring out why patients appear to have resistant hypertension and how to cure them of it.

System-wide changes improve diabetes care
To improve metrics of diabetes care, 4 employed primary care practices at a health system in Texas worked to systematically improve HbA1c testing and started a "Saving Toes" campaign.

GME needs serious financial and structural reform
The current system and critical elements of undergraduate and graduate medical education are in need of serious financial and structural reform.

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Dr. Pecarsky was featured in South Jersey Magazine in 2012 with an article on Hypertension. 
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Flu Shots are now available!
Getting an annual flu vaccine is the first and best way to protect yourself and your family from the flu. Follow these recommendations to help protect yourself and your family.

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